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Eni Check-it-Kit

12 juni 2020, 15:00

Eni Check-it-Kit
Various studies have shown that at least one car in four drives with an oil level that's too low. Topping up between services creates a high risk of the wrong oil being used. The Eni Check-it Oil Refill Kit gives you a powerful tool to protect your customer's vehicle from engine damage or substandard performance.
With the Eni Check-it Kit you underline your pro-active approach to giving your customers carefree driving. 'Making sure there's always one litre of refill oil in the car gives a sense of security', stresses Lillo Sciarrino, Eni Benelux's technical advisor. 'That way the oil level can always be topped up to the right level with the right oil – with the prescribed viscosity and specifications – whilst on the road.'
Extra workshop turnover
Your customers also benefit financially because it is no longer necessary to buy expensive oil on the road. At the same time, the Eni Check-it Kit generates healthy extra turnover for your workshop, which immediately contributes to your car company being future-proof.  Both now during the corona crisis and in the future when car sales margins are under pressure and workshop occupancy is decreasing.
Eni Check-it Kit Contents
The Eni Check-it Kit is kept in a nylon bag with Velcro on the back to easily attach it to the inside of the trunk and contains:
  • Plastic gloves
  • Cloth to clean dipstick
  • Foldable funnel
  • Moist hand cleaning wipe
Order your Eni Check-it Kits now with your key account manager or via our sales department: +31 10 294 1511

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