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Eni is an integrated energy company involved in the exploration, production, transport and marketing of oil and natural gas. We have business operations in 66 countries around the world.



Eni Refining & Marketing and Chemicals in Europe

With 5 directly-owned refineries and 1 blending plant across Italy (Sannazzaro, Livorno, Venice, Taranto and Gela) as well as 1 directly-owned blending plant in Spain (Gava), Eni is Italy’s leading operator and one of the major in Europe in the refining sector and in the production and in the distribution of petroleum products.

Eni Refining & Marketing and Chemicals in Asia

Our highly experienced commmercial, marketing and technical teams are dedicated to ensure Lubricants business operation running smoothly across Asia Pacific region. Highly flexible blending plant in Singapore caters to growing demand in Asia coupled with state-of the-art Oil Analysis support to give comprehensive technical lab test and analysis to our customers.

Eni has been present in China since 2012 as ELTS (Eni Lubricants Trading Shanghai), which is in charge of sales and marketing activities of lubricants on the local market. With its headquarter in Shanghai, ELTS is operated by a professional and experienced team with a passion for challenges, continuous improvement, excellence and particularly value people, the environment and integrity. It is committed to providing a wide range of high quality lubricants to Chinese customers, covering not only the automotive sector but also any industrial lubrication requirement. Importing products from blending plants abroad (Italy/Spain/Singapore) but also producing locally, ELTS supplies lubricants all over China through a network of authorized distributors.

The refining process for crude oil

The refining of crude oil for the production of finished goods (LPG, diesel, petrol) is carried out through a process of  fractional distillation (a “physical” process), followed by conversion and upgrading operations (processes/transformations of a chemical nature).




Fractional distillation is a two-step process:

  • the first step is carried out at atmospheric pressure (primary atmospheric distillation or topping), and, being the most volatile, the first product is LPG. This is followed by increasingly heavy hydrocarbon blends: naphtha (the name given to petrol before further upgrading), kerosene (jet fuel for aircraft) and diesel;
  • and a second step in a vacuum (secondary atmospheric distillation or vacuum).

The heaviest components of petroleum products that are not able to evaporate (heavy diesel and residues) are subjected to a conversion process called cracking, with the aim of manufacturing finished products  analogous to those produced by atmospheric distillation: i.e. LPG, petrol and diesel.

Theavy diesels are subsequently sent to conversion plants, such as:
  • Hydrocraking: processes with high temperature and high pressure hydrogen to obtain diesel;
  • FCC: a process of thermal/catalytic cracking to obtain (mainly) petrol;
  • solvent extraction: for the production of lubricants.

Different conversion technologies are used at Eni’s refining facilities, in particular: visbreaking, deasphalting, gasification, LC, finfing, and a new technology developed by Eni called EST (see details below).

The products obtained by distillation and conversion are subjected to an upgrading procedure through which they pass through the necessary processes for transformation into finished products: LPG, petrol, jet fuel and diesel. The main processes used for this are:
  • desulphurisation with hydrogen, which involves a process for the removal of sulphur to limit the emission of polluting substances;
  • optimisation, which is a process aimed at improving the engine performance of petrol.


During the year, at the Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi refinery, a plant for the conversion of residues became fully operational. The plant uses proprietary Eni technology called EST (Eni Slurry Technology) with performance in line with expectations. 

The EST technology has the advantage of entirely converting  distilled loads and enhancing distillation residues from heavy and ultra-heavy crude oil, as well as non-conventional resources.

The logistics process

Lubricants distributed in Asia Pacific source from Italy (Leghorn) and Singapore.  Sustainable supply of base oil and additives are strictly sourced, tested, analyzed and processed to produce highest quality of lubricants, meeting highest specifications for Automotive, Industrial and Marine segments.

In Italy, our production facility caters its capacity for worldwide markets with its state-of the-art, highly automatied and high capacity filling & packaging technology.             
In Singapore, our facility is strategically located to support growing APAC region with a highly flexible production set-up.






Eni markets its lubricants in Asia Pacific through a network of Distributor and Licensee partnerships.  To know more about our business network and activities, please contact us at