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Enilive oilproducts
Process oils are used as additional product in elastomers industry. They arise from petroleum refining cycle and improve the workability of elastomers without altering their physical properties ensuring the quality of final product.
Eni Leghorn Refinery is one of the leading producers of process oils, present for years in the rubber industry market. The refining process allow the production of paraffin based products, lighter in color and with improved resistance to oxidation during the production processes of the compounds carried out at high temperature, particularly suitable for light-colored tires.

Eni Celtis

Paraffinic oils
  • Eni Celtis 902

  • Eni Celtis 903

  • Eni Celtis 933

  • Eni Celtis 906 TEC

  • Eni Celtis 933 TEC