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Hydraulic systems (or circuits) consist in a set of components filled with a fluid that is responsible for energy transmission with great flexibility and under controlled conditions. Hydraulic oils in this system must have technical characteristics and performance suitable for every kind of machinery and operative conditions, in order to ensure good operation of the systems and provide relevant protection of all lubricated components to extend their service life.
Eni, according to technological standards, produces modern and advanced mineral or synthetic lubricants suitable for any kind of hydraulic systems.
Synthetic oils are specifically required where a greater environmental protection (biodegradability) or a greater protection from fire hazard (fire resistant) is required.

Mineral oils

  • Eni OSO

    Anti-wear oils

  • Eni Arnica

    Anti-wear oils with high viscosity index

  • Eni Acer


Synthetic oils

  • Eni Arnica S FR

    Biodegradable oils with very high viscosity index Factory Mutual approved

  • Eni Arnica S

    Biodegradable oils with very high viscosity index