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Eni offers a line of high performance lubricants for motorcycles and scooters, which guarantees power, high-performance and reliability for all types of engine. Transmission oils, fork and shock absorber oils, coolant fluids and brake fluids complete the line.

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Engine oils

  • Eni i-Ride moto

    Lubricants designed to guarantee an excellent reliability and motor protection, suitable for both long highway rides and Stop&Go urban traffic.

  • Eni i-Ride racing

    Lubricants designed to guarantee reliability and motor protection even in the extreme conditions of motor sports competitions.

  • Eni i-Ride scooter

    Engine oils for scooters designed for an extensive urban use, also suitable for extra-urban use


    Lubricants suitable for long distances on motorways and intermittent use in urban traffic.


    Lubricants formulated with high quality base oils, designed for 4-stroke modern engines.


    Mineral lubricants for 4-stroke traditional engines


    High performance lubricants specifically developed for 2 stroke motorcycle engines


Transmission oils

  • Eni Rotra Bike

    Lubricants designed to meet the main application needs of manual motorcycle type transmissions


Fork and shock absorber oils

Lubricants for use in forks and shock absorbers for motorcycles and scooters
  • Eni Fork Oil


Multipurpose Oils

  • Eni Mix 2T

    Quality basic oils.


Brake Fluids

Fluids that ensure the best performance of braking systems in the most severe conditions of use
  • Eni Brake Fluid


Antifreeze Fluids

Fluids that ensure the effective removal of engine heat and maximum protection of the cooling circuit
  • Eni Antifreeze