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Enilive oilproducts
Compressors are used to increase the pressure of air, refrigerant gases and other gases, through mechanical energy.
Compressors can be divided into two main families: volumetric and dynamic. The lubricant must reduce friction, minimize wear, remove heat and act as sealing barrier against gas pressure drops.

Eni product line is suitable to satisfy the performance requirements of most demanding specifications.

Refrigeranting Compressor Oils

  • Eni Betula

    Naphthenic mineral oils.

  • Eni Betula ESX

    Synthetic oils based on esters.

  • Eni Betula S

    Synthetic oils based on PAO.


Oils for other compressors types

  • Eni Dicrea S

    Synthetic oils based on polyglycol.


Oils for air compressors

  • Eni Dicrea SX

    Oils based on PAO.

  • Eni Dicrea ESX

    Oil based ester.

  • Eni Dicrea

    Air compressors oils operating at outstanding temperatures.