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Enilive oilproducts
Gears transmit mechanical motion from one component to another and may be used in open or enclosed gears. Due to the huge variety of gears it’s necessary to take into account of the following aspects in order to choose the most suitable lubricant: gears characteristics (size, metallurgy of teeth), operating conditions (load, vibrations and shocks), oil supply system (oil bath, splash, circulation), operating temperatures and other environmental factors that could have a significant impact. 

Mineral oils

  • Eni Rotra

    Mineral or synthetic oils for the lubrication of manual transmissions and differentials.

  • Eni Blasia

    EP oils for enclosed gears.

  • Eni FIN

    Oils with good adhesive properties for open gears and wire ropes.


Synthetic oils

  • Eni Blasia SX

    Oils based on PAO for gears operating at very high temperatures.

  • Eni Blasia S

    Oils based on PAG.