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Enilive oilproducts

Hydraulic oils

  • Eni Tilia

  • Eni Tilia SX


Gear oils

  • Eni Ribes

  • Eni Ribes SX


Chain oils

  • Eni Myrtus HT

  • Eni Myrtus TSX 320

    Oil based on esters for chains operating at very high temperatures


Compressor oils

  • Eni Tilia C



  • Eni Rubus TF

  • Eni Rubus Universal

  • Eni Rubus CX 1.5

    Calcium complex thickened grease

  • eni Rubus Contact 2 2

    Inorganic thickened grease based on pharmaceutical white oil

  • Eni Rubus SIL 3

    “Food Grade” inorganic thickened silicone grease

  • Eni Rubus CSX 2

    Calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease

  • Eni Rubus PFPE 2

    “Food Grade” PTFE thickened  grease based on PFPE

  • Eni Rubus MP


Aerosol lubricants

  • Eni Ribes Multipurpose

    Multipurpose synthetic lubricant

  • Eni Ribes Rust Remover

    Synthetic lubricant suitable with unlocking and antirust properties

  • Eni Ribes Silicone Fluid

    Synthetic silicone lubricant

  • Eni Lavanda Universal

    Quick-solvent lubricant