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Enilive oilproducts

The continuous technological advancement of machine tools and metal processing, together with the need to guarantee the environment protection and the respect of relevant regulations, have urged the Eni Research to develop new lines of metalworking lubricants that satisfy all these requirements.

Eni metalworking lines include:

- neat cutting oils:
             - Aster line: mineral oil based;
             - Fresia ESB: line ester oil  based;

- water miscible cutting oils:
             - Aquamet line

- stamping oils:
             - Alnus line

Industrial lubricants

This category includes lubricants of all types intended for the lubrication of industrial machinery, such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, bearing oils and industrial gear oils.

Among all these categories, the one on which the highest volumes is hydraulic oils which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants etc.

  • Neat cutting oils

  • Water miscible cutting oils

  • Metalforming oils