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Enilive oilproducts


Thanks to its proven technology for both light and heavy transport,  Eni offers a portfolio of packages suitable for different needs that also respond to international and car manufacturers' specifications and ensure a high quality/price ratio.
  • Eni MX 5111

    (High performance PCMO additive package)

  • Eni MX 5114

    (Additive package for cars and 4-stroke motorcycles engine lubricants)

  • Eni MX 5212

    (HDDO cascade additive package)

  • MX 5612B

    (Base package TripleTech)

  • MX 5612C

    (Booster detergente TripleTech)

  • Eni MX 5132

  • Eni MX 5138

  • Eni MX 5116

    (PCMO additive package)



Eni’s experience in industrial lubricants have led to the creation of high-performance additives packages for use in the formulation of hydraulic oils and for slide ways and turbines that ensure adequate protection of the lubricated components and extension of their useful life.
  • MX 5011

    (Additive package for slide ways mineral lubricants)

  • MX 5021

    (Additive package for gas turbine and air compressor lubricants)



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