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Industrial lubricants

This category includes lubricants of all types intended for the lubrication of industrial machinery, such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, bearing oils and industrial gear oils.

Among all these categories, the one on which the highest volumes is hydraulic oils which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants etc.

  • Hydraulic oils

    Hydraulic systems (or circuits) consist in a set of components filled with a fluid that is responsible for energy transmission with great flexibility...

  • Gear oils

    Gears transmit mechanical motion from one component to another and may be used in open or enclosed gears. Due to the huge variety of gears it’s...

  • Chain oils

    Chain oils

    The oils used for lubrication of chains must ensure easy penetration into pins/bushes, providing good grip without any dripping.  Such lubricants...

  • Compressor oils

    Compressors are used to increase the pressure of air, refrigerant gases and other gases, through mechanical energy. Compressors can be divided into...

  • Greases

    According to the definition given by ASTM (American Society of Testing Material), a lubricating grease is a solid to semifluid product composed by...

  • Aerosol lubricants

    Eni lubricants aerosol, NSF H1 registered, designed to meet the main lubrication needs of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.