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Some machineries and electrical components require lubricants with insulating characteristics in order to prevent electrical discharges between surfaces at different electrical potentials that are present, for example, inside trasformers. These systems generate a huge amount of heat that lubricants can help to remove thanks to their specific heat and thermal conductivity values.

Industrial lubricants

This category includes lubricants of all types intended for the lubrication of industrial machinery, such as hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, bearing oils and industrial gear oils.

Among all these categories, the one on which the highest volumes is hydraulic oils which are used in the hydraulic controls of building machinery, industrial plants etc.

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Eni has been operating for many years in the international bunkering market and is engaged in the sale of products and services to domestic and foreign customers, with the commitment to meet the increasingly specialised needs of modern machinery by constantly reviewing and updating its production of lubricants and fuels.

Customers in the marine sector have the option of obtaining supplies of lubricants at the main ports around the world, thanks to an extensive, reliable and competitive sales network.

  • Mineral oils