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Enilive oilproducts
Eni’s lubricant line makes it possible to identify the right product for each type of application to provide adequate protection of the motor and the maintenance of a high level of performance throughout the expected replacement interval.

Lubricants for classic cars

  • AGIP Novecento


Scooters and Motorcycles

Eni offers a line of high performance lubricants for motorcycles and scooters, which guarantees power,
high-performance and reliability for all types of engine. Transmission oils, fork and shock absorber oils,
coolant fluids and brake fluids complete the line.

  • Eni i-Ride racing

  • Eni i-Ride moto

  • Eni i-Ride scooter



Eni has been operating for many years in the international bunkering market and is engaged in the sale of products and services to domestic and foreign customers, with the commitment to meet the increasingly specialised needs of modern machinery by constantly reviewing and updating its production of lubricants and fuels.

Customers in the marine sector have the option of obtaining supplies of lubricants at the main ports around the world, thanks to an extensive, reliable and competitive sales network.

  • Two-stroke engine oils

  • Four-stroke engine oils


Lubricants for classic cars

Agip Novecento is born, a new Eni lubricant line dedicated to classic cars.
This new line ensures top road performances to all owners and collectors of classic cars, thanks to a lubricants range with specific formulas designed to provide outstanding protection and maximum performances for this special category of cars.
  • i-Sint Classic


Passenger cars

Eni has always been involved in the research and production of high performance oils. The huge and well-
structured range of Eni products is made up of lubricants specially formulated to ensure the correct
lubrication of engines and transmission systems of the passenger cars in accordance with the requirements
of the OEMs. Coolant fluids, brake fluids and products for accessory applications complete the line.


  • Eni i-Sint

  • Eni i-Sint Tech

    Lubricants designed to meet the performance requirements and specified by all leading automotive manufacturers.

  • Eni i-Sint Professional

  • Eni i-Base

    A range of mineral-based lubricants for traditional cars that ensures the long-term protection of engine parts.

  • Eni i-Base Professional

    A range of mineral-based lubricants for traditional cars with an excellent price-quality ratio.


Heavy duty vehicles

From Eni’s research laboratories comes a complete line of lubricants for heavy-duty vehicles offering high
efficiency, reliability and protection of your truck engine and transmission system. Ever attentive to
environmental issues, Eni has produced a range of innovative lubricants that not only satisfy the typical
requirements of the road haulage sector but offer enhanced environmental compatibility as well. Coolant
fluids and brake fluids complete the line.

  • Eni i-Sigma top MS

  • Eni i-Sigma top

  • Eni i-Sigma performance

  • Eni i-Sigma universal

  • Eni i-Sigma monograde


Agricultural and earthmoving machinery

Eni has developed a complete range of lubricants that meet the high performance needs of agricultural machinery, earth moving machines, construction vehicles and related equipment.
Specifically, a series of lubricants have been formulated to provide better fuel economy, high protection in all climatic conditions, respect for the environment and long-term performance.

Eni offers a range of specialised products such as multi-purpose lubricants, coolants, hydraulic fluids and greases to meet the needs of agricultural and construction machinery.

  • Eni i-Sigma top

  • Eni i-Sigma top MS

  • Eni i-Sigma performance


Small Boats

From Eni's research department comes the Eni i-Sea line of lubricants, designed to satisfy the needs of all
types of pleasure craft, from yachts to rubber boats right through to jet-skis, equipped with inboard and
outboard 2- and 4-stroke engines. Oils for gearboxes and inverters complete the line.

  • Eni i-Sea