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Product characteristics

Eni i-Sigma top 10W-40 is a multigrade high performance synthetic technology lubricant suitable for the lubrication of supercharged engines operating in severe operating conditions with fuel saving features and which allows the maximum change intervals. The product is indicated for most manufacturers in the sector.
Product code 001069
Name Eni i-Sigma top 10W-40
Specifications and Approvals ACEA E4, E7| API CF| Cummins CES 20072| Deutz DQC III-10| MACK EO-N| MAN M 3277| MB-Approval 228.5| MTU type 3| Renault RVI RLD-2| Scania LDF-3| Volvo VDS-3| ZF TE-ML 04C
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Eni i-Sigma performance E7 15W-40 is an engine lubricant formulated with high quality base oils, developed for turbocharged diesel engines operating even under severe duty. The product can also be used in diesel engines of previous generation and in engines of commercial vehicles on urban and long-distance service.
Product code 001080
Name Eni i-Sigma performance E7 15W-40
Specifications and Approvals Cat ECF-1a, EFC-2| MAN M 3275-1| API CI-4/CH-4/SL| ACEA E7, E5, E3, B3| MTU type 2| Deutz DQC III-05| Deutz DQC III-10| MB-Approval 228.3| Volvo VDS-3| MACK EO-N| Renault RVI RLD-2
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Eni i-Sigma performance E3 15W-40 is a long-drain multigrade oil (S.H.P.D.) for supercharged diesel engines operating under severe duty. The oil can also be used in normally-aspirated diesel engines installed in vehicles engaged on urban and short-haul goods and passenger service, as well as in supercharged diesel car engines, providing a very wide quality margin. It permits long oil drain intervals.
Product code 001082
Name Eni i-Sigma performance E3 15W-40
Specifications and Approvals MTU type 2| MAN M 3275-1| MB 228.1| ACEA E3| API CG-4
  Product profile
Eni i-Sigma Universal DL 15W-40 is a multigrade oil suitable for the lubrication of many type of diesel engines, naturally aspirated and supercharged models, cars, trucks, buses, earthmoving and heavy equipment, stationary engines, etc. It may also be used in gasoline engines.
Product code 001083
Name Eni i-Sigma Universal DL 15W-40
Specifications and Approvals MAN M 271| MB 228.1| ACEA E2, B2| VW 505 00 quality| API CF-4/SG| Allison C-4
  Product profile
Eni i-Sigma universal 15W-40 is a multigrade lubricant for all diesel engines that work under severe conditions, for the lubrication of trucks, buses, construction machinery, vans and cars. It can also be applied in petrol engines and offers a good choice in the case of mixed fleets.
Product code 001084
Name Eni i-Sigma universal 15W-40
Specifications and Approvals ACEA E2| API CG-4/SL| MAN 271| MB 228.1, 229.1
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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.