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Eni Grease 16 is a anhydrous calcium greas, green coloroured and stringy appearance. Endowed with a considerable adhesiveness to the surfaces where is applied, Eni Grease 16 effectively resists to the vibrations that tend to come off the grease; feature that makes it ideal for the lubrication of vehicle frames. Eni Grease 16 combines the normal lubrication functions with those of protection against wear necessary for the perfect working and conservation of the organs on which it is applied. It is also provided with water-repellent characteristics, that allow its use in wet environments and in contact with water.
Product code 001719
Name Eni Grease 16
Specifications and Approvals ASTM D 4950 LA| ISO 12924 L-XBBGA 2| DIN 51825 K 2G -20
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For Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.