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Eni Lubricant obtains the Ecolabel Certification

15 June 2021, 17:27

Eni Lubricant obtains the Ecolabel Certification
Eni achieved an important goal in the field of industrial ecofriendly lubricants by obtaining the Ecolabel Certification for the hydraulic lubricant Eni Arnica EAL 46, the first Italian lubricant to have gained the certification according to the new criteria of the European Decision n. 2018/1702.

Eni gives its contribution to the energy transition towards a “low carbon” future and environmentally aware, including ecofriendly products in its portfolio.
Thanks to decades of lubricants technical experience combined with a cutting-edge research in the field of sustainable technologies, Eni is now able to provide ecofriendly lubricants suitable for the lubrication of equipment operating in ecologically sensitive areas: marine and lakes area, farmland, quarries and hydroelectric reservoirs or urban areas of historical importance.

EU Ecolabel is a voluntary certification, based on a system of selective criteria and defined on a scientific basis, which takes into account the environmental impacts of products or services along the entire life cycle. In Italy the Ecolabel Certification is issued by ISPRA (Higher Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research), Institution established with the task of supporting the Ministry of The Environment. 

The Eu Ecolabel scheme is part of community policy on sustainable consumption and production, in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment, health, climate and natural resources. The aim of Ecolabel certification system is to promote the products with high environmental performance.
The Ecolabel certification of Eni Arnica EAL 46 is a formal acknowledgement of Eni’s commitment to propose sustainable solutions in the field of lubricants.
Due to its formulation with raw materials from renewable sources, Eni Arnica EAL 46 has high biodegradability, low aquatic toxicity and low potential bioaccumulation. Moreover, the product meets the requirements of ISO 15380-HEES performance specification, overcoming specific tests to evaluate the resistance of the product to thermal, oxidative, hydrolytic degradation and the ability to protect machinery against the wear.

Eni Arnica EAL 46 is able to ensure high performance in hydraulic circuits such as urban sweepers, hydraulic systems of reservoirs and hydroelectric plants. This product is the result of a perfect combination of innovation, attention to the environment and research.
The certification Ecolabel of Eni Arnica EAL 46 is the first Eni’s step to expand its portfolio with all ecofriendly products.

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