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Eni passionate main sponsor Viva Italia 2019

02 April 2019, 15:00

Het TT Circuit Assen is zondag 28 april de place to be voor liefhebbers van Italiaanse auto’s en motoren. Tijdens Viva Italia 2019 staat de Italiaanse autocultuur centraal met speciale aandacht voor Ferrari, Lamborghini en Maserati. Eni, producent van smeermiddelen uit Italië, is de trotse hoofdsponsor van Viva Italia 2019, samen met Magneti Marelli Checkstar.
Eni passionate main sponsor Viva Italia 2019

On Sunday the 28th of April, the TT Circuit Assen is the place to be for fans of Italian cars and motorcycles. During Viva Italia 2019, the focus will be on Italian car culture, with special attention to Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Eni, Italian producer of lubricants, is the proud main sponsor of Viva Italia 2019, together with Magneti Marelli Checkstar.

Exclusive Italian cars can be seen on the circuit during Viva Italia 2019. You will find Italian supercars on Piazza Lamborghini, the Strada Ferrari, and Via Maserati, among others. Of course you can also admire Italian cars both classic and modern from brands like Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth.

A complete track program ensures live action and spectacle on the circuit all day. During free driving sessions, the Italian gems of different brands can be seen and heard in action. During the Dutch Time Attack, drivers in cars and motorcycles will try to accomplish the perfect lap. Thanks to Magneti Marelli Checkstar and Eni it’s also possible to experience the speed sensation yourself during a taxi ride in the 510 hp fast Alfa Romeo Giulia QV. This is the spectacular grand prize at the Wheel of Fortune.

Deep-rooted tradition in car sports


As the largest and oldest lubricant producer in Italy, Eni's history is intertwined with the major Italian car brands. For years Eni was a partner of the Ferrari F1 team, of Lancia in the rally sport and Alfa Romeo in the touring car racing with its brand AGIP. The main sponsorship of Viva Italia 2019 fits in perfectly with this deep-rooted tradition.

"Viva Italia 2019 is a wonderful stage for us to show the Eni brand and our products to Italian cars admirers," states Lisette Maarleveld of Eni Benelux. "Thanks to the pleasant cooperation with organizer 402 Automotive, we can really offer the visitors something special."

F1 Pitstop competition


When the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV does not arrange taxi rides, this super sedan can be found at the stand that Eni Benelux shares with Magneti Marelli Checkstar. The Formula 1 pit stop is also spectacular. Take on the role of an F1 engineer and see how quickly you can change a Formula 1 tire. Great prizes can be won for the fastest drivers. A professional barista will prepare the most delicious Italian coffee from a rare Fiat 900E Panorama.

You can also get acquainted with AGIP Novecento, the complete line of lubricants for classic and (sports) cars built between 1900 and 1990. The composition of the engine oils is tailored to the engine technology of those years: 1900-1950, 1950-1970 and 1970 -1990. The AGIP Novecento line also includes transmission oils, brake fluid and an environmentally friendly lead replacement fuel additive.

Win prizes at the wheel of fortune


Eni Benelux has lots of great prizes available for the Wheel of Fortune on the 402 Events main stage. Eni backpacks, drinking cups, caps, polo shirts and AGIP products can be won. “At Viva Italia 2019 it's all about sharing the passion for Italian cars, motorcycles and Italian car culture. We are happy to be able to contribute to this ”, concludes Lisette Maarleveld of Eni Benelux.

Viva Italia 2019 is an experience for the whole family. The TT Circuit Assen is open on Sunday the 28th of April from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You are most welcome at the Eni Benelux and Magneti Marelli Checkstar stand. You will find us on the paddock behind the first pit boxes, directly opposite the main stage. Ci vediamo ad Viva Italia!

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