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Phishing mail warning

12 June 2020, 15:00

Phishing mail warning
It has come to the notice of Eni Benelux that fake emails have been circulating lately. These phishing emails are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Please pay special attention to this when answering emails.
If there are any important changes, Eni Benelux always contacts you personally via the account manager, especially for matters concerning payment conditions and/or bank accounts. 
If you receive a suspicious email, please make sure to check the contact details of the sender. If it is not an email address ending in, you can assume that something is wrong. When in doubt you can always contact us to verify the content of the email.
We advise you to never click on links in suspicious emails and to contact your own IT manager to have the sender of the email blocked immediately.
Below you can view an example of a phishing email:
Afzender: Eni Benelux B.V. <
Onderwerp: Re: invoice - Follow up

We trust this mail finds you well and you're keeping safe during this pandemic. As a result of the current situation, we are willing to work with our clients regarding payments. Can you forward any outstanding invoices due and a possible payment date.

Kind regards,
Eni Benelux B.V.

Schouwburgplein 30-34
3012 CL Rotterdam
The Netherlands 

Do you have any questions about this phishing warning? Feel free to contact your Eni account manager.

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