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eni oil products

Lithium greases

  • Eni Grease MU

  • Eni Grease MU EP

  • eni Grease MU 00/JD 0

    Grease designed for John Deere cotton picker machines

  • eni SP GR MU 0

    Mineral oil based grease

  • Eni Grease SM 2

    Grease with molybdenum disulphide.

  • eni Grease SLL 0

    Synthetic oil based grease for enclosed gears

  • eni Sagus 60 0-00

    Grease with graphite for open gears

  • eni Litio Grease 475 1.5

    Strongly adhesive mineral oil based grease

  • eni CT 350 EP 3

    EP grease

  • Eni Grease LP


Lithium complex greases

  • Eni Grease LC

  • Eni Grease LCX

  • eni Grease MSX 2/460 2

    EP grease based on synthetic base oil with molybdenum disulphide


Calcium greases

  • Eni Grease CC

  • Eni Grease PV 2

    Anhydrous calcium grease with excellent protective properties

  • Eni Eco Grease 0

    Biodegradable grease

  • eni Rubus CX 1.5

    Calcium complex thickened grease

  • eni Rubus CSX 2

    Calcium sulphonate complex thickened grease

  • Eni Grease NG 3

  • AUTOL TOP 2000


Aluminium complex greases

  • Eni Grease AC

  • eni Grease Sagus AC 460 0

    Grease with graphite

  • Eni Rubus TF

  • Eni Rubus Universal


Biodegradable greases

  • Eni ECO Grease

  • Eni Eco Grease Plus 2

    EP grease


Other greases

  • eni Silis Grease HTL 1

    Bentone thickened  grease with semisynthetic oil base

  • eni Grease PHT 1.5

    Polyurea grease

  • Eni GR VN

    Paraffin-wax based suitable for launching and slipping of ships

  • Eni Grease NS 4

    Silica gel grease thickened  based on vegetable oil

  • eni Rubus Contact 2 2

    Inorganic thickened grease based on pharmaceutical white oil

  • Eni Rubus MP 00

    “Food Grade” colorless inorganic thickened grease based on pharmaceutical white oil

  • eni Rubus SIL 3 3

    “Food Grade” inorganic thickened silicone grease

  • Eni Rubus PFPE 2

    “Food Grade” PTFE thickened  grease based on PFPE