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Product characteristics

Product code 005270
Name ALNUS SSC 608 -
Product code 007132
Name eni Alnus SSC 616/L
Eni Trafila 605 is a lubricant oil specially formulated with highly refined mineral base oil and synthetic ester to give to the product specially anti-wear and lubricating properties. Suitable for drawing and profiling copper pipes and its alloys in applications that require low speeds and high reductions.
Product code 005243
Name Eni Trafila 605
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Product code 005234
Name eni Alnus PF 610
Product code 005235
Name eni Alnus PF 612
Product code 004169
Name eni Alnus 336 AV
Product code 005271
Eni Rolling AST 2 is a special oil suitable for stainless steel cold rolling on Sendzimir mills. Particularly recommended to optimally meet the BA (Bright Annealed) finishing requirements for rolled sheets where highly reflective surfaces and no spotting is requested. The viscosity has been accurately defined in order to limit losses due to volatility as well as ensuring a good coolant effect, also supported by a good wetness due to the presence of polar constituents. The balanced adhesiveness allows the formation of a continuous and persistent lubrication film that ensures an adequate reduction of the friction coefficient without causing slipping between the work cylinders and the sheet. Eni Rolling AST 2 has been specifically formulated with a base oil and additives that do not give stains or spots on any type of rolled sheet. Excellent oxidation resistance and anti-corrosive properties, highlighted by overcoming rust protection even in the presence of salt water. Eni Rolling AST 2 is compatible with the filtering materials used for the filtration.
Product code 005241
Name Eni Rolling AST 2
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Eni Lamium 11 C is an odorless, colourless, dearomatized and desulphurized petroleum distillate, suitable for cold aluminum rolling. The product assure good result of the laminate product and guarantees the complete absence of stainings both during rolling and after the annealing phase. It is particularly suitable for cold rolling thin sheets and strips of thin aluminum (7-15 μm) intended for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries thanks to FDA 21 CFR 178.3910. Can be used for cold aluminum rolling of larger thicknesses. The wide temperature range between the final boiling point and the annealing temperature, permits to extend the use of the product and its complete evaporation during the annealing phase, requirement necessary for compliance with FDA 21 CFR 178.3910.
Product code 007069
Name Eni Lamium 11 C
Specifications and Approvals US FDA 21 CFR 178.3910
For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.