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Eni Rustia NT is an antirust protective oil specifically designed for the protection of low carbon steel sheets and galvanized sheets coming from the cold rolling process when there is a need for absolute absence of stains, also caused by light and complete washability. Eni Rustia NT boasts, compared to conventional formulations, a strong enhancement of the ability to protect metal surfaces even in presence of water or humidity, as evidenced by the dewatering test after storage with water passed without any corrosion. Eni Rustia NT is especially indicated for the protection of steel sheets and galvanized sheets used by the automotive and the household appliance industries and for the protection of pipes and metal profiles. In consideration of the low viscosity, Eni Rustia NT is suitable to be applied by immersion ensuring low specific consumption; it can also be applied by roller, brush or spray. Thanks to the high penetrating power, Eni Rustia NT can also be used for the protection of pieces with very complex geometry. Its removal can be done with alkaline cleaning solutions.
Product code 007860
Name Eni Rustia NT
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Product code 004200
Name RUSTIA 27 -
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