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Eni’s commitment in the aviation sector is mainly in the marketing of Jet A-1 and in the delivery of technical and operational assistance and training to multiple operators, both in Italy and abroad.
Eni also supplies Aviation Gasoline (AvGas 100LL) to specialist retailers through a third-party deposit.

Eni’s aviation business has obtained UNI ENI ISO 9001 certification for its Quality Management System. Eni is a strategic partner of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the main international airline organisation.
The company is also a Guarantor Member of the JIG (Joint Inspection Group), the first internationally recognised forum that establishes and enhances the standards for the safe management and quality control of aviation fuels.





Eni Aviation
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Eni is the Italian leader in the marketing of Jet A-1 with a presence throughout the country, offering services at 26 major airports.

It is also present at the most important airports in Europe such as Paris, Berlin, Munich, Geneva, Zurich, Linz, Vienna and Bratislava.

Outside the European market Eni operates at airports in Ghana (Accra), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Medina) and the Seychelles (Mahe).
The activity is constantly developing and more new openings are foreseen at other international airports.

  • Airlines operating from airports served by Eni.
  • The public sector: direct sales to the aviation units of the armed forces, fire and police services.
  • General aviation: owners of private planes and corporate fleets.
  • Retailers of aviation products supplying airlines, emergency and helicopter rescue units, the armed forces, the Italian civil protection department, aviation clubs, helicopter operators for aircraft surveys and Aviation Card holders.




Eni provides technical assistance, through specialised and qualified staff to ensure compliance with JIG standards for the entire chain of activities related to aviation fuel, from refinery/storage to handling in airport depots, up to loading of fuel into planes. This service is provided to numerous companies, both in Italy and abroad, allowing the latter to operate in compliance with the high level industry standards issued by international committee such as the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), ensuring to our customers a service of excellence.


Eni provides a range of different types of services to meet the operators’s need and which can be customized adapting and modulating such service.


Basic activities mainly for new operators:

  • preliminary assessment of technical feasibility and operational management;
  • support for the design of plant and vehicles required for the storage and handling of Jet A-1;
  • initial training of personnel with theoretical sessions in the classroom and field training, with particular attention to safety, health and the environment;
  • provision of operating manuals, schedule maintenance and ‘Aircraft Fuelling Data Sheet’;
  • assistance for insurance coverage for refuelling activities;
  • introduction of software for the management of the fuel handling data.

Support activities for operators with current activities:
  • assesment of existing facilities and compliance with the most updating standards;
  • provision of training courses for staff already in place;
  • assistance and support in the management of technical, operational or product quality issues;
  • designing systems for the systematic control of product quality;
  • design and supply of systems for the global management of storage and into-plane activities;
  • professional training of operators and site managers, with the revision of operational manuals and checklists;
  • periodic visits of site to check compliance with international standards providing reccomendation about non conformity issues.

The refuelling of an aircraft is only the final act of a long and painstaking series of operations and controls that begins with the production of Jet A-1 at Eni refineries and ends when the fuel is loaded into the tanks of the plane.

At all stages of the handling and distribution of the product Eni is committed to ensuring full compliance with the standards set by Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Standards (JIG Standards) in order to deliver to its customers a product that is free of any contamination and in full compliance with the highest international standards in the industry.

The importance of the accurate process endorsed by Eni makes it possible to avoid the most common impurities such as foreign particles, various sediments, surface-active substances and water that are the most harmful form of contamination for the corrosion of aircraft tanks, incorrect indication to the cockpit fuel quantity indicators and for the reliable operation of the engines.

Eni also periodically performs inspection with its own qualified staff at all the aviation depots where it operates in order to check the performance of refuelling operations, the status of the infrastructures and of the hydrant/fuelling vehicles. Such controls are also carried out on th records that certifies the multiple daily activities in line with legal obligations, the requirements related to compliance with quality standards as well as with health security and environment regulations.

Quality, products and services 

Eni submits Jet A-1 to more than 30 tests to verify its compatibility with the required standards, and only in the event of a satisfactory outcome of all such tests, assigns a certificate of origin that will accompany it during the many steps up to the aircraft tank.

In its laboratories Eni is able to complete the analytical protocol foreseen by the Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jet A-1 using the best available technologies and equipment.



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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.