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Enilive oilproducts

Eni is committed to developing high quality process oils in order to offer, the best solution to meet all needs and application of the elastomer, rubber and tyre industry. Product line includes:

  • Eni Clematis, safe aromatic process oils, used as extender oils in the production of rubbers and as free oils in the manufactured of tyres and other rubber goods;
  • Eni Celtis, paraffinic oils suitable for the production of light colour rubbers where colour stability and high oxidation stability are required.

Process oils production takes place at Eni refinery in Livorno, an important and strategic site totally based on the manufacturing of base oils and special fluids.
Eni process oils provide high characteristics and performance.

  •     Aromatic oils

    Aromatic oils

  •     Paraffinic Oils

    Paraffinic Oils