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LPG is a light hydrocarbons mixture (mainly propane and butane) which derives from natural gas extraction or crude oil refining process. Due to the high purity of its hydrocarbons, LPG is a low environmental impact fuel. It can be used as fuel for LPG vehicles and also for combustion within domestic, agricultural and industrial applications.

Product characteristics

GPL Autotrazione, produced by Eni (LPG) is a light hydrocarbons mixture composed by propane, butane and their corresponding olefins C3, C4 with a restricted amount of pentane. It’s an extremely flammable gas that can liquefies with the application of medium pressures at ambient temperature. LPG derives either from natural gas extraction and crude oil refining process. Due to the high purity of hydrocarbons which constitute this product, LPG burns completely and leaves very low uncombusted products; this kind of combustion is similar to the one of methane. Regarding atmospheric emissions, LPG has valuable advantages for those urban areas of very high concern thanks to the better environmentally-friendly features of LPG compared to other traditional fuels. Afterwards LPG vehicles are excluded from the vast majority of local government measures for reducing air pollution; indeed LPG vehicles, even if not catalyzed, are often excluded from traffic ban in urban areas. LPG, compared to gasoline, has significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) (the estimated reduction is about 20%). GPL Autotrazione meets European specification EN 589.
Product code 0C6033
Name GPL Autotrazione
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Product code 0C6031
Name GPL MIX Denaturato
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