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eni oil products

Fuel oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by diluting a high viscosity residue with a distillate, a so-called flux.

Fuel oil is predominantly used in stationary combustion for the production of steam for industrial uses, the generation of electricity and the propulsion of vessels.

Heating oil is the traditional fuel for heating and the production of energy.


  • Gasolio Riscaldamento

    A diesel fuel for use in thermal plants.

  • Gasolio Riscaldamento Speciale

    Heating gas oil with improved cold properties.

  • Olio Combustibile Fluido BTZ

    Hydrocarbons mixture with medium-high viscosity used for combustion or electricity generation.

  • Olio Combustibile Denso BTZ

    A liquid medium viscosity hydrocarbon blend for combustion or the production of electricity.


Fuel oils

  • High Sulphur

  • Low Sulphur