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eni oil products

Eni produces different degrees of petrolatum, called RP56, RP56AL and Hydro treated RP150 (the names refers to the original base oil viscosity grade at 210°F in SSU - Saybolt Second Universal -). Eni’s Petrolatum, thanks to their lubricating, water repellant and rust-protective properties, are mainly used in the wood, paper and metal industry.

Hydro treated RP150 has excellent characteristics concerning the oil content, fusion properties and color. It is the result of the transformation of the traditional “dark” RP150.

According to a set of parameters developed by the R&D department it is very stable to oxidation, it does not contain sulfur or any kind of impurity.
Eni also produce and sale SW03, a Slack Wax made of a mixture of different types of waxes with physical and chemical properties, which is useful in several industrial application. Thanks to its waterproofing and protective properties it is mainly used  in the production of emulsions, building panels, matches, candles and other products that protect against rust and humidity. SW03 can be used as such, with its relatively high oil content, but can also be processed in further stages of refining depending on to the use it is destined.


  • RP 56

  • RP 150

  • RP 56 AL

  • SW 03

  • Hydrogenated White RP 150