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eni oil products

In the oil-based solvent and industrial fluids sector, Eni produces and markets an extensive portfolio of products with characteristics and properties for various industrial and production processes: alkanes and special spirits, aromatic naphtha solvents, traditional and de-aromatised turpentine, de-aromatised kerosene (for degreasing, dewaxing and paints), which together with the range of the refined aromatic oils and high viscosity oils cover a wide range of applications.
The aliphatic solvents sold under the Eni brand are produced at Livorno. The high flexibility of the production lines make it possible to meet the demands  of the market, and, in some cases,  even to produce “tailor made” products.

Process intermediates are obtained within the complex system of the Eni refineries in di LivornoSannazzaro and Venice: the full integration of the logistical and the sales structures provides customers with both security of supply and consistent product quality.

The line of Eni brand solvents includes two main categories:

-  Light aliphatic solvents (C5 and C8 from hydrocarbons)
-  Medium and heavy aliphatic solvents (C9 and above).

Light aliphatic solvents include: Pentane, Hexane Techn.Grade, Polym.Grade Hexane, Hexane Chem. Grade, Virgin Naphta C5-C115, White Spirit, Turpentine de-aromatised.

The group of average-heavy aliphatic solvents includes products such as turpentine, de-aromatised kerosene and AF 200. Eni solvents contain a minimum quantity of aromatics whih also means that they have a low environmental impact.

Solvents are widely used in the production of paint, adhesives, textile fibres, greases, explosives and in the separation of mixtures of organic and inorganic compounds. This outline shows the major fields of application.


  •     Medium and  heavy aliphatic solvents

    Medium and heavy aliphatic solvents

  •     Light aliphatic solvents

    Light aliphatic solvents