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eni oil products

Eni’s paraffin is considered highly quality products, obtained through modern refining processes of appropriate crude oil streams. Eni produces three different grades of paraffin characterized by different melting point values that gives the name to each products.

The main properties are:

-  total absence of impurities
insolubility in water and in acids
poor reactivity at room temperature
-  good waterproofing
-  low electrical and thermal conductivity

Eni paraffin is used as raw materials for the production of finished products or as auxiliary components in different  production processes. They are also used as an additive that improves the characteristics of the materials.
To meet the needs of the food industry, Eni’s paraffin is subjected to a further step of refining (called catalytic hydrogenation), under controlled operating conditions. In this way the final paraffin matches all the requirements indicated by the FDA regulations.

Paraffin waxes

  • Paraffin 122-126

  • Paraffin 118-122

  • Paraffin 133-137