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eni oil products

Eni products for marine application include a wide selection of bunker fuels with different viscosity and sulphur content; all Eni comply with European emissions regulation and ensure the best efficienty on the field.

General Sales Conditions for Marine Products 

The General Conditions set out in the attachment apply to the sale of any Marine Products by Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A. - Rome, Italy to ship owners, traders, and any other persons. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the General Conditions will apply to all sales of Marine Products both within the Italian territory and abroad.

  1. Scope
  2. Definitions
  3. Subject
  4. Integration
  5. Delivery, title and risk
  6. Obligations of the Parties
  7. Quantity
  8. Quality
  9. Prices
  10. Charges
  11. Billing
  12. Payment
  13. Taxes
  14. Indemnification
  15. Use of the bunker
  16. Representation
  17. Communications
  18. Health, Safety and Environment
  19. Complaints
  20. Force majeure
  21. Excessive onerousness
  22. Accident report
  23. Resolution
  24. Assignment
  25. Applicable law and jurisdiction
  26. Administrative responsibility clause
  27. Other terms and conditions
  28. Attachments

For more information, download the document General Terms & Conditions.


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Marine Diesel

  • Eni Marine Diesel Fuel 10 ppm S

  • Eni Marine Diesel Fuel 0,1% S


Fuel oils

  • High Sulphur

  • Low Sulphur