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Eni markets products for a variety of uses, suitable for different markets and product sectors: special fuels, process oils and extenders oils, solvents and paraffins.
Special fuels are dedicated both to racing and special uses.
In specialties market, Eni offers a wide range of products such as aromatic and paraffinic oils and hydrocarbon solvents. Due to its production lines flexibility, when necessary, tailor made products can be offered.
All Eni specialties meet international standards and are suitable as raw materials for a wide range of productive activities.

Eni paraffin and petrolatum (paraffin waxes) are high quality products, obtained from the refining of crude oil suitable modern processes, constantly subject to studies and controls.
Eni, the Italian leader in the sector, operates its own plants at the refinery of Livorno and has a national and international client base, with important distributors in Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece and Hungary.

Paraffin and petrolatum are obtained by the separation of semi-finished lubricating oils by cooling and filtration from rotary filters in a methylethylketone/toluene plant. In this phase, depending on the fraction of the original crude and the degree of filtration, different types of paraffin and petrolatum is obtained. The paraffin undergoes an additional finishing stage in a catalytic hydrogenation plant (hydrofinishing), which eliminates any impurities and prevents oxidation.

Paraffin is made from a mixture of solid hydrocarbons.

Among the main properties that characterise paraffin include:

  • a high level of water resistance
  • insolubility in water and acids
  • low reactivity at room temperature
  • low electrical and thermal conductivity
  • non-toxicity

In general, paraffin is one of the raw materials that constitute a finished product, a component that acts as a supplement in manufacturing processes, or an additive that confers or improves the characteristics of materials.

By way of example, the following is a partial list of typical applications.
Eni produces three types of paraffin with different names based on the time interval at which the melting point (in °F) occurs.

The essential characteristics of each type of paraffin depend on the type of application. The most important requirement is a total absence of impurities. To achieve this Eni paraffin is subjected to a further refining operation called catalytic hydrogenation. The correct definition of the catalyst and operating conditions used in the finishing process, ensures that Eni paraffin perfectly corresponds to the specifications required by FDA regulations.


Petrolatum is a colloidal system containing both solid and liquid hydrocarbons. It is obtained by separation starting from the heavier fractions and the residue of vacuum distillation.

Thanks to its lubricating, waterproofing and protection against rust properties, petrolatum is used mainly in the wood, paper and metal industries. Below is a list of some typical applications:

Eni made three types of petrolatum, the names of which give an indication of the viscosity level at 210 °F in SSU (Saybolt Universal Second) of the lubricating oil from which they are obtained.

Research: Hydrogenated RP150 

Eni RP150 is a product with excellent characteristics that facilitates the process of crystallization of molecules and lowers the oil content.

Thanks to close collaboration between the Eni Research Centre in San Donato Milanese and the technological department of the Livorno refinery, a study was made on the parameters to with RP150 can be submitted to catalytic hydrogenation. This both eliminates sulphur, as well as nitrogen and oxygen compounds, and impedes oxidation.

Hydrogenated RP150 is a similar product, in terms of oil content, fusion behaviour and colour to microcrystalline wax.

Slack wax

Slack wax is a mixture of different types of waxes, which together ensure certain chemical-physical properties and maintain some relevant parameters, such as the melting and penetration point, within predetermined intervals.
Slack wax can be used as it comes, with its relatively high oil content, or may be subject to additional refining according to the use for which it is intended.
For its sealing and lubricating properties it is mainly used in the production of emulsions, in the creation of building panels, in the manufacture of matches and candles, and in the composition of products that protect against rust and moisture.

Eni  slack wax SW03.

Eni process oils can meet all needs of elastomer and polymer industry improving their processability - without any alteration of their physical properties - and reducing the cost of finished product. Eni Clematis range consists of aromatic oils, Eni Celtis range consists of paraffinic oils.

In the oil-based solvent and industrial fluids sector, Eni produces and markets a portfolio of products with characteristics and properties for various industrial and production processes: traditional and de-aromatized white spirits, de-aromatized naphtha, de-aromatized kerosene and light aliphatic solvents. These products together with the range of refined aromatic and paraffinic oils complete the ENI offer for special products. Aliphatic solvents marketed under the Eni brand are obtained within the complex system of the Livorno refinery and the high flexibility of the production lines makes possible to meet the demands of the market. The full integration of the logistical, outsourcing process and the sales structures provides customers with both securities of supply and consistent product quality. The porfolio of solvents markets with the Eni brand includes two main categories, that differ mainly due to the different distribution of the hydrocarbon chains:


The high chemical and physical characteristics allow to reach very different industrial sectors according to the application possibilities:


Eni has always supported the Italian automobile and motorcycle industry, reaching levels of excellence in terms of technology and image with a series of important technical partnerships with prestigious car and motorcycle racing teams.

Eni operates in the world of motorcycle racing with strategic partnerships that foresee the supply of fuel for the Moto2 and Moto3 categories of the MotoGP World Championship. Moreover, in the three years 2012-2013-2014 Eni also participated in the Superbike World Championship as a title sponsor and official supplier of fuel used by the teams.
All this makes possible, on the one hand, the development of products in a challenging environment and at highest technological level, exploiting synergistic efforts in research and in laboratory formulations, and, on the other, the opportunity to test products directly on the track by simulating extreme operating conditions.

  • Eni Blue Super + 100
Eni Blue Super+ is a new generation petrol Eni developed in laboratories to meet the needs of the most demanding motorcyclists, combining the power of 100 octanes with excellent detersive properties. The many tests performed, both on cars and on motorcycles, have shown that this petrol guarantees a significant increase in power.


The innovative blue clean molecule allows Super Blue+ to keep the intake valves perfectly clean: and, in fact, the keep clean effect ensures a more than 95% reduction in deposit formation. A cleaner supply system also means more complete combustion and hence lower emissions and lower fuel consumption. This is why Blu Super+ became the official fuel of the Moto2 and Moto3 classes of the MotoGP World Championship.

  • SF S
SF S petrol is currently the top of the Eni range in terms of the search for maximum performance: it is a product designed specifically for use with Superbike and MotoGP engines, which require substantial acceleration and recovery. SF S has extreme chemical-physical characteristics, which give it high combustion speed, indispensable in large bore and high rotation engines.

Eni offers a range of petrol specifically designed and produced to meet the needs of a particular clients, mainly of car manufacturers, test circuits and engine manufacturers. Unlike fuel purchased at service stations, these special products guarantee the consistency of the specific values required by the client to ensure high performance.
The aim is to pursue the customisation of formulations and the search for chemical and physical properties that optimise the engine performance by fully exploiting the potential designed by the manufacturers.
We build a collaborative relationship with clients that continues over time, in order to always be able to offer the most suitable product for different needs and in line with technological evolution.
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