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08 February 2021, 09:00

ENI, always careful and present in the motorsport, has developed a  technical competence on the lubrication of racing engines and boasts an international prestige thanks to several successes in this field.

For this reason, has   started a fruitful work with OTK long ago for the development of lubricants on Vortex engines, the engine division of the OTK Group.

The Eni Kart 2T lubricant has been used throughout 2020 by  official OTK Group Racing Teams: Tony Kart Racing Team, Kosmic Racing Department and Exprit Racing Team in all the international competitions they took part in, enjoying great successes, culminating with the triple win of the Tony Kart Racing Team at the FIA World Championship in the OK category.

The cooperation between OTK Kart Group and ENI S.p.A will continue the path taken in the past and will allow both of them to optimize each other's knowledge, so as to develop increasingly performing lubricants for kart engines.

Eni  will be the official supplier  lubricants at the 2021 Rok Cup, the OTK single-brand championship, popular all over the world. (


Eni S.p.a. will be technical partner of the Tony Kart Racing Team from next season. Both leaders in their respective fields, Eni and Tony Kart Racing Team, whose engines are Vortex exclusively, will be engaged in the research and development of new lubricants, specific for kart engines.

In the races of this season, the Tony Kart Racing Team has made use of Eni lubricants with big satisfaction, especially the "Eni Kart 2T" product, enjoying great successes culminating with the victory of the World Championship in the OK category, where the Tony Kart Racing Team gained first, second and third places.

Eni Kart 2T proved to be reliable and top quality, perfectly suitable to Vortex engines. The large number of successes achieved during this season with Vortex engines are definitely proving this.

Eni and Tony Kart Racing Team will develop increasingly high-performance and technologically advanced products.


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