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Greases able to satisfy the application needs required for heavy duty.

Product characteristics

Eni Grease 33/FD is a grease for the lubrication of wheel hub bearings with disc brakes. Formulated with mineral base and thickned with bentonite as solid lubricant, it has a smooth omogeneus appearance and brown in color. The high dropping point and temperature resistance, make it suitable to withstand the conditions that occur during the repeated and prolonged braking of vehicles equipped with disc brakes, even poorly cooled. Eni Grease 33/FD maintains its characteristics unaltered even after intense and prolonged mechanical and thermal stresses; exerts a considerable antirust power without being aggressive towards the metals, also most delicate; provides antiwear protection and have strong resistance to oxidation.
Product code 001760
Name Eni Grease 33/FD
Specifications and Approvals ASTM D 4950 GA| DIN 51825 K 3N -10| ISO 12924 L-XADGA 3
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