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Enilive oilproducts
Lubricants specifically designed for service fill of CVTs (Continuous Variable Transmissions), either belt or chain type.

Product characteristics

Eni Rotra CVT is an high performance, fully synthetic fluid for modern continuously variable transmissions (CVTs), formulated with shear stable viscosity modifiers. It is characterized by a very high and stable viscosity index and excellent behaviour at all operating temperatures, preventing slipping by providing long-term reliable steel-on-steel friction. Eni Rotra CVT can be used in a large number of light vehicle CVT transmissions, for European, US or Asian models.
Product code 0E0131
Name Eni Rotra CVT
Specifications and Approvals Audi/VW (TL 52180, G 052 180 , G052 516)| BMW (8322 0 136 376, 8322 0 429 154 (EZL 799A))| Chrysler Jeep NS-2| Daihatsu Ammix CVT, Daihatsu Amix CVTF-DFE| Dodge / Jeep (NS-2, CVTF+4)| Ford (CVT30, WSS-M2C933-A, Motorcraft XT-7-QCFT, MERCON C, CVT23)| GM/Saturn (DEX-CVT, GM CVT)| Honda (HCF2, HMMF with Torque Convertor, HMMF with Start Clutch)| Hyundai / Kia (SP-CVT 1)| Mazda CVTF 3320| MB 236.20| Mitsubishi DiaQueen (CVTF-J1, CVTF-J4)| Mini Cooper (EZL 799A, ZF CVT V1)| Nissan (NS-1, NS-2, NS-3)| Punch CVT (EZL799)| Subaru (Lineartronic CVTF, high torque CVTF, K0425Y0710, ECVT, ICVT, CV30)| Suzuki (CVTF 3320, TC, NS-2, CVTF Green 1, CVTF Green 2)| Toyota (TC, CVT-FE)| Toyota/Lexus (TC, FE, WS (Prius eCVT only ))
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