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Eni Grease Sagus AC 460 is a black grease, mineral based, thickened with aluminum complex and graphite. The presence of micronized graphite makes it particularly suitable for the lubrication of uncovered organs, operating even at high temperatures or strong mechanical stresses, such as gears, worm gears, racks, rollers, chains and metal cables. Eni Grease Sagus AC 460 finds its main application in cement works, in the lubrication of uncovered rotation gears of ovens and crushing mills. It can be applied by brush or spray in centralized automatic systems.
Product code 004981
Name Eni Grease Sagus AC 460
Specifications and Approvals ISO 6743/6 L-CKG 00| DIN 51502 GPF 00N-10| DIN 51502 OGPF 00N-10| ISO 12924 L-XADHB 00
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