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Eni Grease PV 2 is an EP (Extreme Pressure), mineral, anhydrous calcium grease, light ivory colourled and smooth textured. Its outstanding protective and anticorrosive properties are such as to satisfy the requirements of the Nato Code G-460 specification as 'Grease Sea Water Resisting' and make it particularly suitable for protecting metal surfaces in wet and in marine or otherwise corrosive environments. The very good resistance to water washout allows its use in applications in contact with water without inconveniences. Eni Grease PV 2 is particularly recommended for the lubrication and protection of bearings, open gears, chains, wire ropes, mechanical components operating on boats, harbor cranes, water treatment and purification plants exposed to atmospheric agents and in marine environments.
Product code 004640
Name Eni Grease PV 2
Specifications and Approvals NATO Code-G-460| BWB TL 9150 066| DEF STAN 91-34/2| ISO 12924 L-XCBHB 2| DIN 51502 KPF 2G-30
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