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Eni Grease MSX 2/460 is a lithium complex grease, formulated with a synthetic base oil (PAO), with EP additive and solid lubricant. Especially developed for the lubrication of bearings, gears and components operating in a wide range of temperature, high loads, in presence of shocks and vibrations and in wet environments. Eni Grease MSX 2/460 meets the most severe lubrication requirements of the steel, cement plants, paper and glass industries. In automotive field it is suitable to lubricate the equipment of cars, trucks, agricultural machinery and excavators.
Product code 004983
Name Eni Grease MSX 2/460
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XDFHB 2| DIN 51825 KPFHC 2R -40
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