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Eni SP GR MU 00 is a light-brown, lithium soap grease, suitable for applications where a semifluid grease without EP (Extreme Pressure) properties is required. It is suitable for plain and rolling bearings, swivels, joints and other parts of industrial, construction and agricultural machinery (for instance, it can be employed in some types of centralized grease systems installed on road-haulage trucks). Eni SP GR MU 00 is particularly recommended for automatic lubrication systems of the rail-wheel flanges and the sliding bows of some kinds of electric locomotive pantographs (e.g De Limon, Lubromeccanica, Villy Wogel and the like).
Product code 007680
Name Eni SP GR MU 00
Specifications and Approvals Trenitalia (Cat.002/188)| DIN 51826 G 00/000 K-20| ISO 12924 L-XBCDA 00/000
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