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Enilive oilproducts

Pour Point Depressants

Eni has a range of different PPD compatible with all types of lubricants and capable of controlling paraffin crystallisation at low temperatures and lowering the pour point.

  • Eni MX 4330

    (PPD miscible with OCP Viscosity Index Improvers)

  • Eni MX 4332

    (PPD recommended for transmission oils and in Group II- III base-stocks)

  • Eni MX 4333

    (PPD High performance)

  • Eni MX 4346

    (Dilute version of Eni MX 4333)


Viscosity modifiers

Eni produces olefin copolymers (OCP) characterised by high levels of stability and thermo-oxidative properties that ensure the preservation of lubricating oil film on moving metal surfaces under different operating conditions and varying temperature.

  • Eni MX 4106

    (V.I.I OCP type - high ethylene content)

  • Eni MX 4050

    (Olefin Copolymer Rubber (OCP) – low ethylene content)

  • Eni MX 4006

    (Olefin Copolymer Rubber (OCP) – high ethylene content)


Antioxidants, anti-rust and anti-wear

Eni produces components designed to prolong oil life (antioxidants) and for engine protection (anti-wear and anti-rust), developed in Eni’s R&D labs and now available for sale.

  • Eni MX 3102


  • Eni MX 3104


  • Eni MX 3171




Eni produces detergents based on neutral and overbased calcium sulphate for automotive, marine and industrial applications. Eni detergents control the formation of deposits on hot engine parts and neutralise combustion acids to limit corrosion.

  • Eni MX 3245

    (Overbased Calcium  Sulfonate - TBN 300)



The colder parts of the engine can produce sludge that accumulate in the oil impeding the flow to the most critical points of the lubrication circuit. Eni’s chlorine-free dispersants suspend such impurities, extending the effectiveness and life of the oil.

  • Eni MX 3323

    (Dispersant typically used in crankcase engine lubricants)