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Enilive has decades of experience in the lubricants additives sector with an integrated cycle that includes:

  • research and development
  • raw materials procurement
  • production of components and packages
  • sales and after sales service.

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Starting from its attitude in innovation and research experience, Enilive can offer a wide range of products meeting the most stringent performance specifications of formulated lubricants in different applications:

  • automotive both PCMO and HDDO covering API/ACEA and OEM’s;
  • industrial additive for Hydraulic, Turbin, Compressor and Slideway oils;
  • VM’s liquids and/or OCP (Olefin CoPolymer) rubbers as well star-polymer SBR (Styrene Butadhiene Rubber) for top-tier lubricant formulations;
  • components (detergents, dispersants, PPD).

The chemical laboratory at Eni Research Center in Milan is also part of the ASTM Proficiency Testing Program for automotive lubricants formulated using own additive technology.

In addition, thanks to an excellent technical assistance service and an efficient logistics structure, Enilive sells its additives worldwide responding to the needs of small and large customers and acting as a reliable partner to develop tailor-made projects and co-operations.



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Additives are combined with base oil in the preparation of lubricating oils in combinations studied to ensure a level of performance suitable for the use for which the lubricant is intended. 

Additives may:

  • improve the characteristics of base oils (Viscosity Index improvers, pour point depressants, anti-foaming and emulsifying/demulsifying);
  • provide additional properties (detergents, dispersants, anti-wear/anti-friction, anti-corrosion);
  • prolong the life of the lubricant (antioxidants).

The individual components - with the exception of Viscosity Index improvers and the pour point depressants - are aggregated to formulate so-called packages. The different additives exert synergic or antagonistic actions: the experience and skill of Eni researchers lies in the identification of the appropriate combinations and in the order of mixing of the individual components to enhance the properties while minimising any conflicting impact.
Eni offers a wide set of lubricant additives ranging from individual components (detergent, VM, PPD, etc.) to complete packages, in order to meet all customer performance requirements.

Eni Triple Tech TMfor flexible and cost-effective solutions.

For manufacturers of lubricants, the API specifications are the main performance requirements to meet in many countries around the world. In order to achieve a cost-effective package that covers the most common API specifications for both light and heavy vehicles, at its research laboratories in San Donato Milanese Eni has developed a new technology called Eni Triple Tech TM.


Eni Triple Tech TM is a new additive system that uses 3 partial packages that, correctly combined, make it possible to obtain a wide range of 4-stroke cost-effective formulations for lubricants for motorcycles, cars and heavy duty. The result is a platform of products,wich provides optimized treat costs ensuring at the same time engine protection and an extension of the useful life of the lubricant.

The three partial packages are:
  • Eni MX 5612 A: antioxidant boosters, to be used for higher API levels (from SL to SN)
  • Eni MX 5612 B: base package, "core" of the technology
  • Eni MX 5612 C: clean booster

Eni Triple Tech TM makes it possible to:
  • cover all API specifications from SN/CF-4 to SB/CB
  • meet the ACEA, JASO MA 2, JASO MB (for lubricants formulated on Eni bases)
  • ensure a cascade system that covers API specifications from CF-4/SJ to SB/CB
  • reduce the number of tanks dedicated to the storage of additives
  • achieve cost benefits (i.e. logistics, transport, ...)
  • improve production flexibility
  • reduce the complexity of the supply chain


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