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Enilive oilproducts

Eni is one of the largest producers of greases and has a wide variety to meet all the needs of both the industrial and automotive sectors.
Their use ranges from lubrication to the protection of mechanical parts, as an alternative to or in substitution of liquid lubricants, in particular when a lack of space spaces or sealing issue do not allow for the use of oils.

Lithium greases

  • Eni Grease MU

    Multipurpose greases

  • Eni Grease MU EP

  • Eni Grease SM 2

    Grease with molybdenum disulphide.


Lithium complex greases

  • Eni Grease LC

    Lithium complex greases

  • Eni Grease LCX

    EP grease based on synthetic base oil


Biodegradable greases

  • Eni ECO Grease

    Biodegradable greases

  • Eni Eco Grease Plus 2

    EP grease


Calcium greases

  • Eni Grease PV 2

    Anhydrous calcium grease with excellent protective properties