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eni oil products

Eni Clematis, technology and experience for tire and elastomer industry
Eni provides three typologies of safe, not labeled aromatic oils. The high properties of stability, viscosity, plastic behavior and remarkable compatibility with rubber and rubber blend, allow to satisfy the several market needs.

  • Eni Clematis RL, classified as RAE LA (Residual Aromatic Extract, Low Aromatic)
  • Eni Clematis TD, classified as TDAE (Treated Distillated Aromatic Extract)
  • Eni Clematis MS, classified as MES (Mild Extraction Solvate)


Eni Clematis Rubber Process Oils
7.47 MB

Eni Clematis MS

  • Eni Clematis MS

  • Eni Clematis MS 130


Eni Clematis RL

  • Eni Clematis RL


Eni Clematis TD

  • Eni Clematis TD