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Eni Eco Grease Plus 2 is an 'eco-friendly' grease, readily biodegradable according to OECD 301B method. It’s a multipurpose anhydrous calcium grease formulated with synthetic esters, antirust, antioxidant and EP additives. Eni Eco Grease Plus 2 is specifically designed for the lubrication of bearings, chains, wire ropes and components operating in environmentally sensitive areas where contamination of the environment is a risk. Suitable for the lubrication of components operating in wet and marine environments, ships on-deck applications, harbour lifting cranes, water treatment plants, dams, locks and water ways. Eni Eco Grease Plus 2 is also suitable for the lubrication of TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine), of agricultural and marble cutting machines and for railways applications.
Product code 004614
Name Eni Eco Grease Plus 2
Specifications and Approvals Biodegradabilità OECD 301 B: >60%| DIN 51825 KP 2K -30| ISO 12924 L-XCCHB 2
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