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Product characteristics

Eni Snow racing 4T 0W-40 is an engine lubricant that integrates the innovation of the new formulation technologies with the knowledge acquired from Eni research in the lubricants field, through a long and consolidated experience. The product is formulated with latest additive technology, ensures superior performance, engine protection and, at the same time, hardware durability. It is a high performance lubricant developed for all 4-stroke snowmobile engines.
Product code 001397
Name Eni Snow racing 4T 0W-40
Specifications and Approvals API SN
  Product profile
Eni Snow racing 2T is a top synthetic lubricant that collects the experience and knowledge acquired, in many decades, in the lubricants sector from Eni research. The products is designed to meet the lubrication requirements of 2-stroke snowmobile engines. The peculiar formulation gives the product particular characteristics useful to ensure high resistance to mechanical stresses and a low exhaust smoke.
Product code 001399
Name Eni Snow racing 2T
Specifications and Approvals API TC| JASO FC| ISO-L-EGD
  Product profile
For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.