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AdBlue® is an aqueous solution of urea useful to reduce the level of NOx tailpipe emissions in diesel engines equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). AdBlue® solution is hold in a separate tank and is injected into exhausted gases before entering in the catalytic system SCR; the nitrogen oxides, thanks to the interaction with the ammonia released by urea solution at high temperature exhausted gases, are transformed into nitrogen and water. The quality of the product supplied by Eni determines a proper functioning of SCR and preserves its life. As it is injected behind the combustion chamber, AdBlue® is not classified as a fuel and thus is not subject to excise duty. AdBlue® is colorless and odorless solution is not classified as a dangerous product to human health or to the environment; it is neither flammable nor explosive. The product is sensitive to low temperatures: it tends to crystallize below -11°C, while the storage for long term at temperature above 30°C may cause ammonia formation. AdBlue® complies with the specification ISO 22241-1.
Product code 006022
Name AdBlue®
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