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Blu Super + produced by Eni is a high-quality gasoline guaranteed by a controlled supply chain characterized by a high antiknock power (RON value higher than 100), five points higher than standard gasoline. This property enables a more regular and efficient combustion phase and enhances the engine performance, besides the presence of the detergent provides a great efficiency long life. Indeed, thanks to the presence in its formulation of a package of detergent additive, the use of Blu Super + determines: - perfect cleanness of engine injection system; - removal of deposits previously gathered on vehicle fuelled with standard gasoline for long time; - higher engine efficiency; Blu Super + is formulated using different refinery’s streams and might contain oxygenated compounds (ethers like MTBE, bio-ETBE, TAME or alcohols like bio-ethanol) in order to completely fulfil technical specifications. Blu Super + gasoline complies with UNI EN 228 specification, legal requirements and customs regulations. It does not contain metallic additives.
Product code 00C151
Name Blu Super +
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For product Safety Data Sheets, please go to the Eni Safety Data Sheets site.