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Alpine HVOlution is the Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) produced by Eni, a diesel fuel containing 100% of renewable* component and specifically realized for cold areas (such as the Alpine region) In these zones Eni distributes the alpine version of HVOlution with improved cold proprieties (Cloud Point and Cold Filterability) and a good operability till -18°C. Alpine HVOlution is composed by a mixture of stable non-hygroscopic paraffins, and therefore it’s poorly subject to bacterial contamination. Thanks to its nature, it can be mixed to fossil diesel fuel in high percentages, even much higher than 7% allowed by the European standard EN 590 for traditional biodiesel (FAME). Free of aromatics and polyaromatics, compounds with an environmental impact, Alpine HVOlution complies with the European specification EN15940:2023 for paraffinic diesel fuel from synthesis or hydrotreatment (XTL). *The feedstocks used by Eni for Alpine HVOlution production falls within the definition of renewable raw materials pursuant to Directive (EU) 2018/2001, so-called 'REDII'.
Product code 0C1366
Name Alpine HVOlution
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