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Eni Rubus TF 2 is a high performance aluminium complex “food grade” grease formulated with pharmaceutical white oil, with PTFE and antiwear, antirust, antioxidant additives. Eni Rubus TF 2 has a wide range of applications in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, particularly recommended for the lubrication of loaded bearings of conveyors, joints, gaskets, gears and chains where grease lubrication is requested and operating in severe conditions like in presence of high temperatures and of water. Eni Rubus TF 2 is formulated exclusively with additives listed in the FDA Group 21 CFR 178.3570 and it is free of genetically modified materials, main allergens substances like nut oil, soya oil, dairy industry derivatives and animal derived materials.
Product code 006784
Name Eni Rubus TF 2
Specifications and Approvals NSF H1 - n° 151348| ISO 12924 L-XACDB 2| DIN 51825 KPF 2K -10| Kosher| Halal
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