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Bentone thickened greases with semisynthetic base oil

Product characteristics

Eni Silis Grease HTL 1 is a non-melting grease formulated with selected mineral and synthetic base oils and special inorganic thickener. Suitable for the lubrication of components operating at high temperature (peaks up to 150 ° C with appropriate regreasing intervals) for example for rolling bearings of continuous casting plants, hot rolling trains, cooling plates. Suitable where good pumpability and lack of hard carbon residues, that can hinder the movement of the lubricated parts, is required. Thanks to the presence of the synthetic component, Eni Silis Grease HTL 1 has a higher thermal and oxidation stability than normal infusible greases.
Product code 005249
Name Eni Silis Grease HTL 1
Specifications and Approvals ISO 12924 L-XADGA1| DIN 51825 K 1N -10
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