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Greases with graphite for open gears

Product characteristics

Eni Sagus 60 is a black graphite grease with high adhesive properties, suitable for the lubrication of uncovered mechanical parts operating even at high temperatures, in particular for gears, worm gears, racks, rollers, chains, ropes and metal cables. Its main applications are in cement and chemical plants, where it can also be applied by brush or spray in centralized automatic systems. Eni Sagus 60 is formulated with graphite, whose type and granulometry grant perfect lubrication also in harsh operating conditions, as the solid graphite film between the surfaces of the lubricated parts allows the correct functioning of moving mechanical parts even under heavy mechanical and thermal stress.
Product code 004710
Name Eni Sagus 60
Specifications and Approvals DIN 51826 GF 0/00G -10| ISO 6743/6 L-CKG 0/00
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