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Eni Grease LCX 2/100 is a lithium complex grease, formulated with synthetic base oil of viscosity ISO VG 100 that allow the grease to operate at very low temperatures. The particular combination of anti-wear, EP, anticorrosive and anti-oxidant additives guarantees excellent performance in severe operating conditions such as high loads and in presence of vibrations. In addition, the synthetic base gives a high thermal and oxidative stability over time, allowing a reduction of downtime cases and maintenance costs. Eni Grease LCX 2/100 is particularly suitable for the lubrication of bearings and parts operating at high speeds and requiring long lubrication intervals, as in the case of electric motors. Also indicated for the lubrication of organs operating at low temperatures such as wind turbine generators.
Product code 004978
Name Eni Grease LCX 2/100
Specifications and Approvals DIN 51825 KPHC 2P -40| ISO 12924 L-XDEHB 2
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